More than just Listening


Wanting to change can last forever. But doing something about it takes just an instant.

Change is just a decision, a moment. But it’s getting to that moment that can, for some, take time.

Before you book in for your complimentary call about our sessions together, some of your questions may be below.  😊

Time to Change
What Happens in a Session?

After either an initial chat or eMail, on meeting we discuss what you want to overcome or change and set out what kind of therapy is right for you along with how many sessions to expect.

Do we have to go into my past?

No. The coaching approach focuses forward without looking back.  Therapy is more about releasing your past so you can move forward.  Both however, are about making your future life better.  We decide on what way is best in our initial chat.  You always have the decision. 

What if I can’t afford your fees?

Just ask. I am happy to work something out to suit, afterall as an anxiety expert – it wouldn’t do to add to your anxiety over payment.  

What if I don’t want to talk about something in a session?

This is your session, in your control.  We work at your pace and how you want.  If you change your mind, we will change with you and suggesting other options to achieve your goal.

If I choose Hypnotherapy – can anyone be Hypnotised?

Yes. Hypnotherapy is trance work.  Watching TV as an example is a trance – it’s similar.  Trance is simply deep relaxation. Its enjoyable!
Hypnotherapy is often used to ease complex areas so you can move forward with less resistance and quicker.  It’s only used if you want it and it’s appropriate.   

What are the different types of therapy that you use.

At my core I’m a positive psychologist, but I integrate my 20 years of experience and ongoing training for your benefit.
This includes CBT, Journy Therapy, Health Optimisation, NLP and on it goes. This makes me what is called an Integrative Therapist, integrating many skills for your change.

Do you use CBD at all?

CBD has become increasingly popular and is a great alternative to antidepressants.   It is now clasified similarly to essential oils, but very much more effective.
We have naturaly occuring cannabanoids in our system already. CBD is both an effective and much healthier solution than complex meds that can have a lot of negative side effects.

Can you help me quit antidepressants?

Yes. This is an area I have considerable experience.  Most GP’s prescribe antidepressants without understanding the complications that they bring, how they wear off and how they can produce an anxiety if stopped without professional support (doctors are not qualified to support you stopping).  So rest assured I can help you and more importantly empower you to live free without them.  

How does working with Children Differ?

Children have had less time to deepen their problems coupled with their imagination being less hampered by logic, consequently sessions with children can me more playful and quicker.  Parents are always close by.
* Teenagers require very specific sessions give me a call as I have a number of teenagers who are now living their best life! 

What Happens in Nature Therapy?

This is a therapy like no other.  It’s relaxing, it’s non judgemental, it’s also similtaneously healthy.  It’s safe.  
I do Walk and Talk sessions and Forest bathing, privately and in groups.  Give me a call and we can talk about it more.

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