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Is it that you feel anxious or stressed but don’t know why or always tired, Is it that summer or even a relationship is ending?  Or is it a feeling of Overwheml or Procrastionation? How we feel is a language of it’s own, not just something experienced in thoughts.   I help you translate, and lighten these thoughts and feelings.

Your emotions are messages. Felt your Body and understood in your Mind. Imagine not having that niggling, uncomfortable feeleing.  It’s time to unravel, clarify and unburden even.  Make an appointment for a complimentary call.



is a leading Psychotherapist and Coach specialising in anxiety and related issues, such as stress, relationships, sleep, health and work burnout. She helps you strengthen your self esteem and confidence to get you to a place that feels comfortable.  Her solution based approach is based in Positive Psychology incorporating health optimisaton for a way forward to a more balanced life.  

Fiona’s approach means treating not just the mind and the body but also ‘how’ we live too.  There’s no point in having a great engine, if the tyres are flat and the road is bumpy!  

 Fiona’s practice, BMCC helps you past obstacles to living your potential, with ease, happier and lighter. 

* Fiona also gives corporate talks on a variety of wellbeing topics.

Public Speaking : Private Coaching


Anxiety Solutions in a Fast Paced World.

September 2023 

Back to School Feeling (even if you’re 90 !) 

For most of us have that feeling that September is the start of a new copybook, new pencils and a hunt for your favourite pen! It can also be that sinking feeling of the summer is drawing to a close. Even if you manage to squeeze in a late sunshine blast – we know the early evenings are coming.  

I address that feeling of SAD or Winter Blues extensively.  Imagine knowing it could be the best of times. I’ll show you how.

I also offer, what I call ‘perspective sessions’ – these are one off sessions (which of course you can build on, but no obligation ). In these sessions you say everything to a blank canvas. Me.  This can be online or in person.  I’ve 18 years experience and that can really help.  I can see your situation in a different way, a big picture but understanding the detail.  So whether it’s preventing or getting over a breakup; wanting a new job or wanting to save the job you’re in; starting university or deciding to make your own way;  or anything at all that’s givng you pause for thought, anxiety, worry or stress.  Book a perspective session.   
Imagine a life with no anxiety. Let’s start here. 
Fiona :  BMCC 

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Increasingly we’re just on the edge, be it stress, overload or a confusion over the future and our place in it. The modern world is loosing it’s pillars and with it we’re questioning our way. But this makes us anxious. Let’s make it easier.

SCREENTIME Are you addicted?

Right now we’re moving from screen to screen, phone, laptop, monitors and TVs.  What’s this doing to us? How do we get back our lives and reduce our sceeentime?

Living in Harmony with Tech

With our lives and routine changed, Sleep is Suffering. Our aim here is to get you a blissful, natural state where you’re sleeping better than before.  With Fiona’s sleep insights and coaching she gets you  into a feel good, circadian rhythm, which will give you nights of deep refreshing sleep..

Sleeping yourself Well
More on Insomnia
for Therapists

2023 dates are now complete. *However due to demand, there’s now an downloadable book based on this therapist training course out mid September.

The In person  Naturesense is
 a half day course on how to take your practice outside.
NATURE THERAPY –  including Forest Bathing

More than Just Talking
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Coaching and accountability


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