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Stressed, Overwhelmed? Procrastinating? Feel anxious but don’t know why or always tired but can’t sleep at the right time? How we feel is a language of it’s own, it’s not just something experienced in thoughts.  

Our emotions are messages. In your Body and in your Mind. A niggling in the back of our mind, a feeleing in your gut.  Consequently I look at the whole you and effect your change in a way that works entirely.

Fiona is a leading Optimal Mental Health expert specialising in anxiety and related issues, such as sleep, health, relationships, confidence and work burnout. She specialises in helping you to live with greater ease in our ever changing world.  Her solution based approach is based in Positive Psychology but importantly incorporates full health optimisaton and a way forward for a more balanced online life with Nature Sense.  

Fiona’s approach means treating not just the mind and the body but the way we live.  There’s no point in having a great engine, if the tyres are flat and the road is bumpy!  

 Fiona’s practice, BMCC helps you past obstacles to living your potential, with ease, happier and lighter. 

* Fiona also gives corporate talks on a variety of wellbeing topics.

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Anxiety Solutions in a Modern Fast Paced World.

Spring 2022 

Out with the old : In with the New

I only write this small update every season. I can’t belive all the things that happen in such a short space of time!.

In that time I’ve been hearing a lot from my clients about purpose and direction.  I think with such big world changes going on, people are looking inwards to a place they can control – or at least aim to.  How they feel, feel about life, where they live, how they live and who they’re living with even.

For my part, I’m also doing a lot more public speaking which I enjoy as I feel I can help more people at one time – or at least bring some good questions that you can work with for yourselves.

As often – it’s anxiety that my clients bring to the table.  Luckily, there’s so much we can do to quieten the feeling.  The number one thing is to discover it’s message – listen to your feelings, don’t try to silence them.  Send me an eMail or make an appointment…so we can discover this language within ourselves and bring it on our side.

Remember each day – try to find time to be kind to yourself.


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Increasingly we’re just on the edge, be it stress, overload or a confusion over the future and our place in it. The modern world is loosing it’s pillars and with it we’re questioning our way. But this makes us anxious. Let’s make it easier.

SCREENTIME Are you addicted?

Right now we’re moving from screen to screen, phone, laptop, monitors and TVs.  What’s this doing to us? How do we get back our lives and reduce our sceeentime?

Living in Harmony with Tech

With our lives and routine changed, Sleep is Suffering. Our aim here is to get you a blissful, natural state where you’re sleeping better than before.  With Fiona’s sleep insights and coaching she gets you  into a feel good, circadian rhythm, which will give you nights of deep refreshing sleep..

Sleeping yourself Well
More on Insomnia
for Therapists

2022 dates are in the pipeline. This course is for coaches or therapists of any discipline, wishing to add to their CPD.  Naturesense is a half day course on how to take your practice outside
NATURE THERAPY –  including Forest Bathing

More than Just Talking
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