More than just Listening

Programmes are about going Forward

Face to face, online, via phone, email, text or a combination of all. 

The difference between a programme and therapy is that programmes are coaching, consequently about going forward. Therapy is often about clearing the past to go forward, to break patterns of the past.  Both however are about going forward.   Programmes are also a commitment of between 6 and 10 sessions, where as therapy is as and when what works for you.  

Example Programmes clients have undertaken


Anxiety comes in so many forms but once we reduce this, going forward needs confidence.  We don’t just take something away, we give you the way forward too.  We also deal with perfectionism here. An increasing social media stressor


Increasingly living congruently with the modern pace of life is causing us many ills including anxiety and stress. Together, we create a Health Optimisation programme, which  effectively moves you forward to a life of balance and meaning – aligned to what health means to you. 


Wanting to de-Stress in a natural and uncomplicated way.  Outdoor Walk and Talk sessions make a difference. This programme helps with everything from creative blocks to reducing anxiety.  It can also include Forest Therapy if you’d like. As always in your first meeting we design your programme together. 


Tomorrow, Later!  Is that you?  Or .. everything at the last minuite!  Power over Procrastination is an important coaching programme.  We get you out of your discomfort zone, moving you forward  to release your potential or to make that change


Finding your Happy Place is about understanding the context of your life and what is happy.  Often it’s a change of perspective, but for others a new job, moving country?  Either way support is important in your discovery. 


Social Media can be an addiction. But so too can overloading on aimless texting, surfing, answering eMails even. All of which are stopping you live in a healthy self connected way.  This is a programme that works adjusting screentime and life demands. 

Create your programme for you or your business

Modern Life is complicated.  Many have everything and are still not happy.
This is both Paradise syndrome and Abundance Paradox .  We take you through this complex aspect that modern stresses throw at us. 

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