Coaching and Therapy in Marbella

More than just Listening

One on One : Private Online Therapy

Living the Dream – it’s what people see on the outside.  But it’s hard!  Yes!  But what makes it harder is that people on the ouside think you have it all, making it even more difficult to talk about it.
Fiona lived in Southern Spain for 10 years.  Working in Sotogrande, Estapona and Marbella.  She understands her clients and the stresses that living in Spain can bring.   She’s back in London now (but not for good!) working online – and in a way this works better for you, for her clients.
Expat communities can be small so keeping things private, at times difficult.
A first call is complimentary, so reach out.  Fiona also has a Spanish number but usually calls are on WhatsApp or Zoom anyway.  
Don’t carry the stress – our problems are always relative.

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Paradise Syndrome for you and your Family

Yes it’s actually a thing!  
Paradise Syndrome asks the question why when you have it all, does it not necessarily mean you’re deliriously happy too!  And this can extend to our children too.  
Fiona has an unusal specialisation in Paradise Syndrome having worked with Executives and their families for many years in both London, Gibraltar and Spain.  
It’s important that you speak to someone who understands you and your life.  Don’t think you’re alone.  

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