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There comes a time when our patterns start to hold us back in moving forward. We start to realise things are “not any better in the morning”, in fact on looking back, nothing’s changed and for some, a situation or habit can even be worse.

It can be down to not ‘why’ we do something but how – with that understood we create a new pattern for a successful change and a bright future full of potential.  Posibility.

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Time to Change

This is a unique area of Anxiety that is vital to rectify into a healthy pattern.  Bad sleep leeches into the rest of our life, underminding everything.

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Winter Blues

When thoes sunny days start disappearing and that creeping anxiety or dark feeling creeps in – a dread of the next six months can feel overwhelming. Understand what you can do and how you can turn it around..

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Stress and Anxiety

This is really at the core of so much  of our physical and mental errosion.  There are many ways this manifests.  •Social Anxiety Panic attacks and imposter syndrom, to name but a few.  It’s time to free yourself and feel at peace inside.

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Anger is often said to be pain inside out.  But of course there’s more to it than that.
Anger is a strange emotion as it can be at ourselves as much as it is towards someone else. It’s like a tied up ball of string that needs it’s grip released.

Break Up 

This area is about change, about Love and getting over it. For others about hate and getting over that!  We work towards your future, in time rediscovering Love or at the outset simply accepting the loss .  Importantly it’s about getting back to being OK – Happy even!   

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Loneliness is at epidemic levels.  When we change the word to ‘Disconnect’  we can feel how it’s actually about us.  Once understood, it’s so much easier to solve. Reach out!


Change comes in two forms.  Change we want and Change we need.  The latter can be because of an insufferable situation. The former, because procrastination is sucking you down and change seems unatainable.  But you want it.  Change you can.


Get More! A lack of confidence can permeate into everything we do or want to do!  A lack of confidence stops us going forward on a daily basis to holding back our dreams. It can change.

Post Natal Anxiety

This can be such a difficult time at a time that has the pressure of being so joyous.  This can stay for years, it can change who you are.  Call – it’s so important to get rid of this feeling.  And you can.

Nature Deficit Disorder

Always inside or stuck or absorbed into some bit of tech or other?  Whether you’re a child or an adult being disconnected from what is real and life giving results is a disorder in our mental, emotional and physical wellbeing.  We take you outside to heal inside.

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