More than just Listening


 Feeling anxious is not a feeling we want to carry around with us or live with – it can hold us back from realising our potential, big or small.
Fiona Austin, an expert in anxiety related issues helping and supporting both privately and at corporate level.

Anxiety can interfere with our sleep – Insomnia or stop us making friends, leading to lonliness. It can be a fear about going outside and socialising or giving a talk big or small at work.  It’s also a key player in procrastination!

Anxiety can strike in differing ways, for instance adding to our turmoil; with health concerns or within relationships and break ups or at the opposite end of the scale like not feeling yourself after a baby or not wanting to go to your own wedding!

Anxiety can trip us up, but Fiona can help interpret what’s going on, so you can go forward.


Using Coaching, Psychological perspectives, CBT and Optimal Living to effect change.

Many moons ago Fiona was a journalist, but found moving to therapy and coaching a natural and complimentary progression “the skills of listening and a hearing a person’s story are important in both worlds”.

In terms of qualifications, just shy of 20 years, these includes a positive application of Psychology including CBT and Counselling and if you wish can include Hypnotherapy, NLP, and Outdoor / Eco Therapy. All of which are used in both Coaching and Therapy. Whichever is right for you.

Therapies Practiced

Fiona’s work has evolved with her many years of experience and adapted to the pressures and demands of the modern digital world. Modern day anxieties and stresses being a particular specialisation.

Fiona has practiced in the UK, Gibraltar and Spain. This she feels has contributed to a greater contrasting perspective on modern issues – more importantly bringing increasingly deeper solutions and ease to our everyday pressures.



A graduate of Trinity College, Fiona later studied at the UK College of Complimentary Healthy Care, at St Charles Hospital, London. Adding to this a master practitioner in NLP under the instruction of Richard Bandler and Michael Breen. Ongoing trainings with the renowned Brandon Bays for Journey Therapy, Confidence and Peak Performance training with Steve Ward for Sports Mind and applications in working with children with Lynda Hudson. 

Fiona has also been credited with a progressive support in psychotherapy developing including Circidian Biology and Microbiome insights.  

Professional Bodies, Associations and ongoing achievements

Acred BMCC

Fiona also has continued professional specialisations in CBT, Insomnia, Fears and Anxiety related disorders.

When you live in Paradise is a motivational and wellbeing aspect of BMCC helping you get out of your discomfort zone and rediscover your dream.
‘Paradise is the coaching aspect to BMCC where specific tailored programmes are undertaken for clients.

Along with her practice Fiona also sees clients outside for walk & talk session via her specially developed programme Nature Sense.
She also runs NatureSense workshops teaching qualified therapists how to adapt their area of specialisation to work “outside”.

BMCC Nature (NatureSense) initially aimed at getting children back outside and learning the skill of play, away from mobile devices. However it was increasingly requested by adults and business – as the shifts and reduction in stress proved to be significant for the adult with modern demands.

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