Health Anxiety

More than just Listening

Virus Anxiety

Like it or not, belive it or not, affected by it or not, care about the whole CV outbreak or not … it changed everything.
Lockdown, the news, people’s reactions, staying in, not going out, friends and family who were affected.  The whole thing was and remains huge.  Echos of our very personal experience resonate throughout our communities and can sit in the back of our mind making considerations about weddings, parties, gatherings, children, parents .. or our own safety just so confusing.
I worked all through the crisis on an Anxiety help line, there wasn’t a story that didn’t touch me.  Each and every experience I heard and helped was humbling.
Call, let my experience in this very specific type of Health Anxiety be to your benefit.  To help set you into a new safe normal.

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Health Anxiety

Dr Google is amazing on one hand but on another can scare the living daylights out of what can be just a cut.  Next thing you know you have read that you  may need to take that papercut to A&E immediately as it could mean full amputation! 
On the other hand, when used positively searching on the internet can be an amazing resource, it can be a place to discover great complimentary health solutions, recipies that help with colds and flu and nutrition and when taken in balance, searching your symptoms can reveal great insight.
However I see so  many people who just have such a long list of really frightening possibilities.  Who’s anxiety about their health is a real and debilitating feeling.  
I can help release you from the bombardment of information that can stop you living your best life.  I can help you with the thoughts you have that are particular to your feeling on your health.  

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