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Considering AntiDepressants?

“What they don’t tell you is once you get on that train, it’s not so easy to come off!”

But you already know that – deep down!    

Doctors don’t study more than a few hours of their years in university on either mental health or nutrition — yet these are the prime issues that bring people to their GP.  

No expertise in the area coupled with no time,  AntiDepressants are the easy goto. However they’re addictive and simply just harmful ‘ittle notions of magic’.  
But everyone has been sold the lure of the quick fix – in realtity they are anything but a fix, and not quick.  They solve little, other than make you feel you’re doing something at least.  
Besides your body compensates for them after a while, so your dose has to be increased!  Your hooked.  And the fear of coming off them can be worse than the original reason you thought they’d be a good idea in the first place.

      Contact for to make an empowered choice


Anti Anxiety Medication

Before we take any drug, we need to be informed. Are you? What do you know about AntiDepressants .. about taking them, about quitting them, coming off?  

Did you know that when you quite them you can electric shocks in your brain!  That you can develop a stomach disorder, you get anxious, depressed, have panic attacks.

You can come off them without little to no side effects. Call me for a consultation it’s worth it.  I call one session visits a perspective session.  It differs in that not only do I hear your story, but you also come away learning how to empower yourself.  

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