Coaching and Therapy in Gibraltar

More than just Listening

One on One : Private

Gibraltar is a place where everyone knows everyone or at least knows someone who knows that someone!  This can be a double edged sword.  Wonderful for community and a feeling of belonging, but if you need to talk to someone, need to confide, it can be hard.    What’s the solution?
Fiona has worked in Gibraltar as a therapist, she knows it well. Now back in the UK her distance, means you can talk without concern you’ll bump into her in Morrisons or on the High Street. Talking with Fiona is the opportunity of a blank canvas and the security of  knowing everything is 100% confidential.     
Your anxiety, concerns and issues remain private as you talk to Fiona online – and with someone who has full understanding of the ways and sometimes challenges of Gibraltar.

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Wellbeing at Work

Gibraltar is a hub of international business.  It’s situation unique.  Many people working there have relocated, living what seems an ideal life, but the pressure is real and present.  From the executive to the all inportant worker, the balance of life on the Rock needs an understanding of it’s unique demands.  

That Fiona has worked there, she understands the corporate demands.  HR can call for company packages or working individuals can call for Employee understanding as well as Executive Health packages.

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