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Anxiety in a Modern, Screen filled World

Life has changed fast. We’re living fast.  Increasingly people feel anxious but can’t quite pin point why.  It’s just there.  For other’s there’s a no doubt as to why they’re feeling uncomfortable, they just don’t know how to change it.
I help people understand their emotions, but most importantly how to manage them. Not them manage you.

I help you to live well in this ever changing world.  Sometimes this is a discovery of your purpose othertimes it’s a change of job, relationship or just understanding the life you’ve lived up until now.

The area of anxiety can also deal with fears and stress.
Call so we can talk about it and if you’re comfortable you can make an appointment.  Online or in person.  You’re the one in control.

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Specifics of Anxiety

Social anxiety, workplace anxiety, agoraphobia, presenting and public speaking .. even driving on motorways .. it’s amazing the way we can feel one emotion in so many different ways.

There’s many different ways to arrest anxiety.  We start with basics.  Your biology, it’s surprising how fundementals in place can change how you feel.  Doing this first means you’re not working uphill.  Things feel easier and pave a way to unraveling what’s stopping you feeling free and back in control to feeling great. 

Stop Anxiety Now
New ways for Old

Health Optimisation

This approach is a personalised perspective for checking in with your body so that you can optimise your mind.

Anxiety is not always about our emotions it can be a low or high level Stress alerting us that how we’re living our life is not working. It can include hormones, too much screen life or even a desire to quit antidepressants.  This is a whole body systems approach.  Using the latest superhuman approaches including Infra Red Saunas, Cold therapy and understanding supplimentation including CBD.

Health Optimisation is the ultimate body mind application for a modern world.

Can also be included as part of the Health for Success programme as an option.

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