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Workplace Anxiety

With colleagues or in meetings

Social Anxiety

With friends or just going out

Break up Anxiety

Affairs of the heart 

Relationships at Work

Many of us spend more time at work than we do with family, friends or just having free time.  It’s no wonder that these relationships can cause us so much anxiety.  

These relationships can be with line mangers, bosses or with  people who have to report to us; but when the daily interaction doesn’t work, cause conflict, errodes our confidence – that’s a big chunk of our life that’s not in a good place.

For other’s it can just be about giving presentations, talks or just attending meetings that can be the cause of our anxiety or even worse the reason for not being promoted or even loosing a job.

Don’t hold back your potential or compromise your right to feeling good at work.  

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Personal Relationships

Breaking up 

Divorcing, want to break up, have just broken up and can’t get over it or something else within a relationship that’s causing anxiety? 
This is not couple’s counselling.  This is about you. Helping you feel better about a situation that feels too painful or insurmountable.  
Learning how to manage your anxiety to the point that it’s gone is an powerful thing to go through.  Sometimes it’s just about getting your head clear.  Whatever it is, you don’t have to do it alone. 

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Friendships and Social

Social anxiety can be many things understanding and coping with being an introvert, arguements with flatmates, getting married even –  ( can I walk up the asile, or give a best mans speech? ) But we all have our own way of feeling anxious with others, it’s important to talk it out so you can turn this around.


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