More than just Listening

Business Services

How much more productive could your employees be if they felt better both physically and emotionally?  We all know that people who are happy in their work with a balance between their professional and personal lives are the most effective.  But that’s not the full story.

Health for Success

This is a Health Optimisation programme where success is not judged on spreadsheet managment but how you manage your life – your health. 
This programme has a strong focus on modern day pressures and stress bringing optimal perfomance not just at work, but completely.

This can also be delivered as a talk to groups

Health is the new Wealth

Private One on One

 Personal issues can effect work performance.  Insomnia, Anxiety and Stress. These sessions can take place at the office to reduce time lost at work but also as a wellbeing package for good work relations..


Helping Them to Help You

Groups and Workshops

Effective presenting, goal setting and eliciting creativity can be done in a group which can be both fun and productive.  Also not often thought of, is mediation between fractious employees.
Talks on specialist subjects are given.

Most popular is Living in Harmony with Tech and Successful presenting even if you’re an Intovert!


Wellbeing in the Workplace

Employee Attrition  : Wellbeing at Work

Offering the right support in a company’s wellbeing package or EAP can be something that makes an employee stay in one company – against moving to the competition in a head hunt.   We have a number of solutions to offer.

Contact for Bespoke Solutions

Three Most Popular Programmes

Examples of online and in person talks for your company

Our phisiology is optimised for 10,000 years in the past – it’s consequently on high alert with our switched on living.
This talk is an introduction to bringing back some balance some good living – body and mind.

Living in Harmony with Tech

Wellbeing in a screen filled world

Overwhelm, Stress, Anxiety – it’s like this is the new normal – but it’s not. This talk will show you how to hear what Anxiety is trying to tell you, so you can get it on your side

Anxiety is your Superpower

Learning how to get it’s Message

Destressing on another level. Shinrin-Yoku as Forest Bathing is known in Japan is perfect for small bubble groups in real life a reconnction to what’s real

Forest Bathing

Disconnecting to Reconnect

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