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Recommendations and Referrals

No one person has all the solutions and no solution works in isolation.  All BMCC clients benefit from Health Optimisation complimenting their presenting issue.  For instance if you suffer from Anxiety, it may be a Vitiman D deficiency.  If you work on a screen all day, blue light blocking glasses are a must to avoid stress, hormone disruption and weight gain.  Below are my trusted recommendations, brands and referrals.  I also have made an Amazon list, the link is below – where you will be taken to a list of items – should you want to obtain them that way (not all the items I recommend are available through Amazon).   As always contact us at BMCC if you need to know more.

Amazon List

Below are links to buy directly from people, places and brands that I use myself and have formed a trusted relationship for your benfit.  The link will take you off this website.  

BlueBlox Sleep Well Live well Glasses

Blue Light Blocking Glasses are the number one health protection if you spend anytime in front of a screen. Phone, iPad, TV and PlayStation included. Use the purchase link for preference and offers for this Australian brand. Minimum order for free postage. Prescription possible too.

Yuefloat Infrared sauna, float tanks light therapy

YueFloat – relax, regenerate, pamper

BMCC is all about Anxiety and Stress reduction as well as boosting your wellbeing.  YueFloat is one of the best (and most fun) ways  to boost your immunity, eliminate toxins and aid your sleep with it’s signature magnesium float tanks.  Just bring yourself as everything is provided complimentary to your experience. Book into this South London spot for a feel great experience.  Mention Fiona’s name when booking.

IVBoost ozone, multivitamin, glutathione

IV Boost – Your health in your control

The modern world has left us depleted, we need to optimise our health.  IV Boost in Wimpole Street provides up to the minuite IV solutions from Ozone and Multivitimin to NAD and Glutathione. Your time there is monitored and overseen by Medical and Functional Doctor Joshua Berkowitz. Mention Fiona when Booking.

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