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We all know the health risks involved in smoking and many people have tried to give up but failed.   However, when using hypnotherapy success rates soar.

We employ a combination of NLP, counselling and advanced hypnosis techniques to help you understand the reasons behind your smoking patterns and break the habit.   Using hypnotherapy there is no need for patches, gum or drugs.   You will find quitting easier than ever before.

Most smokers have had cultivated their habit over a long time. So in a strange way we’ve got to respect this time.  Consequently we work with around two sessions. To be rid of the habit for good.

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Luxury STOP Smoking

When we ‘give up’ something.  There is an implied deprivation… and we just don’t like this! The reason is actually because it triggers the child in us, a time when we had little control.  “Only one slice of cake for you”! .. No you can’t stay out late ..!” and so on 

But we’re adults, we smoke and now we’ve decided not to smoke.  The important difference here is that ‘we’re choosing to stop’.   Further,  unlike when we were a child – we can choose to make this as easy or as hard for ourselves as we want.
So why not make stopping smoking be a wonderful experience!   Swap smoking – stinking, coughing etc  – for luxury, pampering, fun and something new in your life.

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