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BMCC aims to point to possibilities and the gifts of change we can give to ourselves.   Our sessions are NOT designed to take you away from whatever healing or health programme you are on – whether orthodox or alternative. Instead, we mean to enhance and support your own chosen process and growth. In the field of healing and change there are no guarantees, and there are as many routes to healing and health as there are people. Hopefully our work together will ultimately inspire and support you in whatever path you choose.

Request more Information if not satisfied

If you feel that you may have a medical condition we advise you see your own qualified medical advisor and receive a full and proper medical diagnosis. Neither BMCC nor its representatives are qualified to either diagnose or give medical advice, or medical treatment.

BMCC will never give, use, distribute, sell or otherwise reveal personal information we collect from or about you to any other party.

The information on hypnosis given through the use of this web site is given based solely on general information provided by other patients in similar situations and is directed at general usage.

Outside of the self invited behemoths of the web our website also is free from  tracking software, spyware, or any intrusive or invisible means of tracking one’s personal specific activity anywhere on the Web. We also do not subscribe to any outside service, pop-up ad provider or anything that is intrusive in any way. If you feel you have evidence to the contrary, please advise so we can block, investigate and rectify. 

Session Cancellation Policy

We recognise that plans change and life events sometimes interfere with one’s ability to attend a session. While we will do everything in our power to help you reschedule, our cancellation policy for events is as follows:  

More than 24 hours cancellation prior to a session – future payment is fully transferable.

Less than 24 hours prior to a session – the full fee is required unless otherwise negotiated with your practitioner.

All sessions are to be paid for at the session in question at the latest.  Preferably prior to booking.  This will be arranged and agreed to at your initial consultation.

The client  agrees that participation in sessions with BMCC or it’s representing practitioners is entirely at the client’s own risk.  Any actions, or lack of actions, taken by the client is done so solely by choice and responsibility of that client.

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