BMCC for Kensington Mums

More than just Listening

Mindful Screen Life

Especially for the Kensington Mums we have 3 programmes below. Please feel free to call Fiona to chat through what’s right for you.

We’ll start by picking up from the Talk you’ve had through Kensington Mums.   
Each of our programmes below include a WonderWalk as discussed which will be supporting your face to face or online sessions.  Ultimately phone down and face up to possibilities. 

The change you encounter with working with Fiona will see you living a more real world connection, healthy and more relaxed.  This will have an effect in your careeer and life opening opportunites for a better relationship, greater focus and alignment with your values.  The ripple effect is your life starts working better for you, meaning begins and anxiety leaves.

Here’s to Life! 

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⩔ Kensington Mums Programmes ⩔ 

After listing to Fiona’s talk, it felt like my conscience made a decision it had wanted to do for a long time.  When I got home I actioned on bringing a better way, a more empowered way over screentime in my life and in my family’s. I haven’t looked back.    
Donna Ashson

My family really enjoyed our morning with Fiona, it was great to talk out in the open, literally – while the children played.  How taking charge of the phone in our lives, something so small could make such a big difference to how we live. Inspired. 
 Lizel Defaut


This centres around accountability check ins.  Your first meeting sets you on the right path it can be online or face to face. There after you’ve 4 x 15 minutes power calls.
£150 / £295 Group / Individual

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This is a four part change process. It can be online, in person or combination.
 £425 Individual only

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This can be either coaching or therapy weekly meetings.


This is a three month Lifestyle coaching and support that includes once per month meet ups in person as well as online meetings. It’s life changing. 
 £1250 Individual only

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Bespoke: Family

As a for instance we can do a walk, talk and play session with your family, discussing the specificas of a more healthy way of living and connecting and why it’s important.  We create this for you or your group.  

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