More than just Listening

Small and Large


There’s so many things that can be talked about within a group – be it small and intimate, or large.  Talk’s have the aim to either increase productivity directly or increase wellbeing which will in turn, increase productivity. Public Speaking, working effectively, planning, leadership. Living well and being happy is one of our most important and effective talks

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Personal Time at Work

One on One

Not everyone can cut off from their problems when they come to work.  Often HR management are get stuck between a pile of work on their table and a ‘broken’ employee at their desk.  Torn between providing an ear, but having to do their job.   Knowing there’s someone who understands their agenda, makes the right referral an effective route to supporting their role to the continuing success of the business.

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Relocation for instance can be a large consideration.  Insomnia, Anxiety and personal issues between individuals or at home.  We look after this with them them for you.

Starting Up : New Business

So much to Do!

Are you busy .. procrastinating!  Getting an idea from Concept to Reality is not easy.  With a back ground in business success we can not just help mentor you with planning, execution and support.  But we can also advise on using social media and advise on how to manage exposure and marketing. Most of all we examin the obstacles and bring confidence to the table.


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