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More than just Listening

We Live our Life in Patterns.

Some are useful, Some not so.

There comes a time when the not so useful patterns start to ‘hold us back in moving forward’ or we start to realise things are ‘not any better in the morning’. In fact on looking back, we see nothing’s changed and for some, a situation or habit can even be worse.

To change our patterns, we don’t necessarily have to go into our childhood, digging up memories.  As this can just be finding and inventing excuses for how we are – we just have to change our patterns.    So for some it boils down to not ‘why’ we do something but how – and then we’ve got a pattern for a successful change and a new future full of potential.

There are many ways to change these patterns, on our first meeting we use the way that you’re most comfortable with and that works best with the kind of person you are!

Therapies Used

Integrative Therapy is a combined approach that brings together different elements of specific therapies. An approach that brings together different elements of specific therapies.


Is nothing like what you see on the TV or on Stage. The ‘therapy’ aspect being key.  Hypnotherapy helps break fears, habits and effect change for the future – with ease. It is essentially a powerful state of creative relaxation, where your subconscious becomes more receptive to new learnings discussed prior to the relaxed state.   You are fully in control.  It’s a very positive and effective experience that can be taught to each client so they can practice self-hypnosis for greater independence.   It is actually very enjoyable.

Integrative Psychology

Loosely put – psychology from the time of Freud to the 60’s focused on someones past and dysfunction for an understanding to go forward.  As a reaction to this focus, Integrative Psychology combines the best of Psychology with the more positive and future focused schools. Without being confined to a specific school of thought, IP provides you with a broader perspective on your past to bring you into a more healthy future.  Integrative Psychology includes complementary, alternative, and integrative approaches to human behavior as viable ways to facilitate change.


This is a key understanding to help with change.  It focuses on ‘how we think’ not ‘why’.   NLP examines the way we organise our thoughts and behavior to produce results. The ‘Neuro’ acknowledges the fact that we process information about the world through our five senses. ‘Linguistic’ refers to the words we use to communicate with each other, including internal thoughts and our external body language. ‘Programming’ relates to the patterns of behavior we all demonstrate.   It’s a very positive way forward. NLP does not examine your past, but helps you create a new future.

Good objective listening is the basis of all counselling. The simple provision of confidential and impartial listening of a person’s situation can lighten a load, but also help you discover more about yourself; your strengths and weaknesses, values and priorities. Counselling supports you find you own solutions but also carry them out; to take some action for yourself.

Psychological problems are often felt around the body, but lodge outside the mind (‘It’s a gut feeling, I feel it in my bones …”). TFT is like a circuit breaker breaking the pattern in behaviours or feelings.   A sequined prescription of (self) tapings whilst thinking of the problem is prescribed, which breaks an impasse and dissolves problems in an uncomplicated and unobtrusive way.

Journey Therapy

“We are all diamonds in the rough.”   This is a therapy where you unearth your emotional blocks to get to the core of who you are. This is done through a rich visualisation exercise.  Journey therapy also has a strong application as a complementary therapy to many physical illness suffered and works very well with children.

Nature Therapy

A firm believer in the healing force of being in touch with Nature.  We run camps with Nature Sense for healing in a healthy outside way as well as running occasional workshops for therapists on how to integrate Eco/Nature Therapy into their practice.

Working With Nature Sense

Imagination Therapy
Working with Children and young teens I predominately use what I refer to as Daydream or Imagination Therapy.
See the Children’s section for more.

Working with Children

Positive Psychology

Is the study of the strengths that enable individuals (and communities to thrive).  Founded on the belief that people want to lead meaningful and fulfilling lives, to cultivate what is best within themselves, and to enhance their experiences of love, work, and play.

Working with When You Live in Paradise


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