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More than just Listening


Wanting to change can last forever. But doing something about it takes just an instant.

Change is just a decision, a moment. But it’s getting to that moment that can, for some, take time.

Time to Change

You can know deep down that you’ve got to do something, but how long does it take ot get around to picking up the phone to make your change finally begin? 

What Happens in a Session?

After either an initial chat or eMail, on meeting we discuss what you want to overcome or change and set out what kind of therapy is right for you along with how many sessions to expect.

More about your Session?
Do we have to go into my past?

No. Psychoanalysis is about going into your past to gain a deeper understanding of why we may be the way we are.   There are other therapies we can use to bring about change.

Can anyone be Hypnotised?

Yes. There isn’t any of us out there who haven’t in their life gone into a trance and that is hypnosis.   Watching Sport is also a trance.  Trance is simply deep relaxation.  Its enjoyable!

What if I change my mind in a session?

This is your session, in your control.  We work at your pace and how you want.  If you change your mind, we will change with you and suggesting other options to achieve your goal.

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What is a Sports Consultation?

We go through goals, blocks and achievements. Identifing if we’re dealing with skills or mental intefearance. We decide if we’re to work in future at the site of the sport in question and other extranious details.

More about a Sport’s Consultation
How does working with Children Differ?

Children have had less time to deepen their problems coupled with their imagination being less hampered by logic, consequently sessions with children can me more playful and quicker.  Parents are always close by.

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