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Talks for your Group

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From the Olympia in Kensington, to local gatherings and of course businesses there’s a topic to support your community.  
Having been both a print and radio journalist , the topics that people have presented to Fiona are sure to help your group and strengthen connections with each other.

More than just Listening?  
Fun talks  |  Serious topics


The sleep theif is someone that we’ve all encountered at some stage in our lives.  But when it lasts too long what can we do? 

Fiona has a Sleep Well programme which she both talks about as well as give insights and tips to sufferers so the talk helps as well as be an interesting and wide awake chat!  

When you Live in Paradise

We all have something in our lives we want to change and some of us even want to change our lives!   This talk given by Fiona explores the jump from London life to successfully living in Southern Spain, where she lived the good life, set up a school and won a business Founder award..  

At the heart of this talk is ‘you can do it too’…  and how your story can enable you to live your dream.

Coffee Mornings or After Work Gatherings

Topics discussed in the past –

• Wellbeing at work.
• Motivational – bringing confidence into your world to effect change.  How confidence is your super power!
• Habits and you. Tips on how to get good habits and stamp out the old ones.
• Seasonal – New year goals, how to make them last.
• Relaxation and Stress – work wellbeing. Includes guided visualisation exercises.
• IVF Support – how to increase success with case studies.
• Relocation – Support, advice and reality.
• Self Image – From Plastic Surgery to Selfie Culture
• Shopaholic – what’s going on under ‘Retail Therapy’.
• Unfaithful – is it the end?
• Instagram and you – how it can focus you and help your change
• Fears and Phobias – how to conquer and be free.
• All types of mums – Parents all have our challenges. How to use these to help our children.
•• Children and Therapy – why it can support mum and dad, not just your child.

Nature Therapy

This is therapy that takes place outside.  Vitamin N. Addressing the modern world’s malise. People don’t understand nature’s’s powerful benefits.  This talk explains how to counter the iPhone always on life.

 Many therapists are interested in incorporating this type of therapy into their work.  This can also be a talk for practitioners on how to adapt your therapy.

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