Nature Deficit

Making Change Possible

WHAT IS Nature Deficit?

It’s a description of the human cost of simply not being outside.  To connect with it and in turn ourselves.

We have devided our approach into three areas due to the differing demands.


This is a very hands on therapy.  There are no consulting rooms.  It takes place outside – it’s about feeling alive, being connected and achieving balance.  An unwanted side-effect of the electronic age is our feeling of disconnected our plugged-in culture keeping us indoors, we are slowly but surely dying inside and releasing our frustrations and illness on the outside.

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Our inherent nature-oriented existence is still hard-wired into human brains but isn’t quite ready for the overstimulating environment we’ve carved out for ourselves. Those who don’t .. develop the symptoms of this deficit disorder, which include attention problems, obesity, anxiety, and depression.

Helping Parents Helping Children

Certain behavioural problems can be caused by the sharp decline in how little time children now spend outdoors.

Working with Nature Sense, we can do a number of things with or without parents to help your child. The average youngster now spends practically every spare minute using a smartphone, computer, television or electronic device,”. You can blame technology, but increasingly it can be an over cautious worried parent, wanting to protect our kids from “out there” variables. We’ve help the family learn balance.  We also do family days and kids workshops.

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