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Insomnia Therapy

More than just Listening


It’s NO joke!  Lying awake at night can be overwhelmingly frustrating and lead to ill health and anxiety. 

But you already know that!    

Our Sleep Therapy takes your expertiese at not sleeping and consider it with a personal remedy tailored for you.  
First we investigate your particular way of expriencing Insomnia.  Supporting this we explore different and private ways you can comfortably monitor your sleep at home. Using this invormation we then start working with you for your dream sleep.

For more information book a free phone call or send us an eMail.    • Please feel free to download our complementary Sleep Sheet to start you off.   

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These are specialist two hour sessions with follow up personalised consultations

Taking place once a  month in the Private Rooms of St. Charles Hospital, London.  This Insomnia Therapy consists of a small invited group where you examine your specific way of having Insomnia.  This is then followed by up to two weeks of at home sleep recording.  With this information we then put specific remidies for you, in place and are further self monitored once per week for a month.  At this stage you will be sleeping easy and have a personal tool kit for any sleeplessness that may ever occur in the future.   

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