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Insomnia Therapy

More than just Listening


It’s NO joke!  Lying awake at night can be overwhelmingly frustrating and lead to ill health and anxiety. 

But you already know that!    

Fiona’s sleep insights and coaching takes your expertiese at not sleeping and considers it with a personal opposing solution tailored for you.  

First we investigate your particular way of expriencing Insomnia.  Supporting this we explore different ways you can comfortably monitor your sleep at home. Using this information we then start working with you for your dream sleep.

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Insomnia is oftentimes not experienced in isolation.  It’s related to many other things going on in your life.  
We start with the biology and consider your lifestyle – so that ultimatley something that was holding you back is now the reason you’re healthier than you’ve ever been.  

This can also form part of the Health for Success programme

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