Making Change Possible

Business Services

How much more productive could your employees be if they felt better both physically and emotionally?  We all know that people who are happy in their work with a balance between their professional and personal lives are the most effective.

Private One on One

 Personal issues can effect work performance.  Insomnia, Anxiety or even Smoking. These sessions can take place at the office to reduce time lost at work but also as a wellbeing package for good work relations..


Helping Them to Help You

Projects, New Job, Start Up

Getting your project going can involve a huge amount of procrastination or time wasting. Anything to avoid actually starting.  So it’s out with the excuses! Take the first productive step here. With a background in Business combined with Psycholgy we both help and mentor.


Groups and Workshops

Effective presenting, Goal setting and Eliciting Creativity can be done in a group which can be both fun and productive.  Also not often thought of is mediation between fractious employees.


Wellbeing in the Workplace

Employee Attrition

Offering the right counselling and support in a company’s wellbeing package or EAP can be something that makes an employee stay in one company – against moving to the competition in a head hunt.   We have a number of solutions to offer.

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