Making Change Possible


Led by Fiona Austin:  Working with both adults, couples and children.  Fiona has been involved in the field of communications leading to personal development for over 20 years.  Moving from Journalism to Counselling which for Fiona, seemed a natural progression as the skills of listening and a person’s story are important in both worlds.


In terms of qualifications, Psychological Perspectives and Counselling have been built upon to to include Hypnotherapy, NLP, TFT, Nature Therapy and Sports Performance.  Fiona’s work has evolved with experience and adapted to her surroundings.

Therapies Practiced

Having practiced in the UK, Gibraltar and Spain.  This has contributed to a greater perspective on modern issues – more importantly bringing increasingly deeper solutions and ease to our everyday pressures.

Associations and Details

A graduate of Trinity College, Fiona later studied at the UK College of Complimentary Healthy Care, at St Charles Hospital.  Later obtaining a master practitioner of NLP under the instruction of Richard Bandler, Michael Breen and Paul McKenna.  Ongoing trainings with the renowned Brandon Bays for Journey Therapy and with working with children Lynda Hudson. Sports training with Steve Ward for Sports Mind.

Fiona also has specialisiations and higher learnings of CBT practice in Insomnia Fears and Anxiety related disorders.


Along with her practice in Nature Sense, Fiona runs workshops teaching qualified therapists how to adapt their area of specialisation to work “outside”.

BMCC Nature is aimed at getting children back outside and learning the skill of play, away from mobile divices.  However it has increasingly been requested by adults – the shifts and reduction in stress significant.

When you live in Paradise is a wellbeing project aimed at the the unhappy who’ve lost their dream.