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If you are anxious, this is not something just experienced in the mind, ultimately it erodes you physically, triggering many other ailments.

Always tired but can’t sleep?  This is anxiety.  It’s multilayered. We look at the whole you and effect your change in a way that works for you.

Fiona is a leading expert on anxiety and related issues, such as confidence or work burnout. She specialises in helping you to live with greater ease in our ever changing world.  Her solution based approach is based in Positive Psychology but importantly incorporates Optimal Living techniques. Treating not just the mind and the body but the way we live.  There’s no point in having a great engine, if the tyres are flat and the road is bumpy!  

 Fiona’s practice, BMCC is about doing what works for you  
Finding out how you experience your issue specifically and uncovering what you need.  A gentle yet powerful way to getting you feeling great, closer to your meaning, purpose, goals and dreams.  Optimal Living

* Fiona also gives corporate talks on a variety of mindhealth topics.

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Anxiety Solutions in a Modern Fast Paced World.


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SCREENTIME Are you addicted?

We move from screen to screen, phone, laptop, monitors and TVs.  What’s this doing to us? How do we get back our lives and reduce our sceeentime?

Modern Malaise

Our aim here is to get you back to the blissful, natural state where you’re sleeping like a log.  With Fiona’s sleep mentoring she gets you  into a feel good, circadian rhythm, which will give you nights of deep refreshing sleep..

Pattern Breaking
More on Insomnia

Increasingly we’re just on the edge, be it stress, overload or a hopless lack of meaning. The modern world is loosing it’s pillars and with it we’re questioning our way. But this makes us anxious. Let’s make it easier.

for Therapists

2020 will see new dates for therapists of any discipline, wishing to add to their CPD.  Naturesense is a half day course on how to take your therapy outside

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We have a number of coaching programmes that may suit you or someone you know.


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