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INSOMNIA & Related Anxiety

Our aim here is to get you back to the blissful, natural state where you’re sleeping like a log.  We aim to nip this in the bud:   Get you back on track into a natural rhythm during the day, which will give you nights of deep refreshing sleep..

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No time? We can work through your problems tailored to todays busy lifestyles.

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We all get stuck in patterns. The worst thing we can do is try to combat them is stop dead.   If you mislay your watch, you still look at a naked wrist don’t you? Habits need replacement behaviour. And to do that we start first, by examining how your habit is helping you!

TALKS for your Group

Fiona gives insightful and engaging talks for big and small groups on a variety of topics.

More than Just Talking


Fiona is BMCC and we are about Positive Psychology, getting you feeling great, closer to your Goals and Dreams. You will always receive person centred attention, which means we do what works for you!  We also encourage – just spoiling yourself to compliment the change you want. Overall it’s about what you need. Not any specific ‘way’.

We recognise that the mind and body work together. For instance, taking stress, it’s not something just experienced in the mind, ultimately it’s errodes you, triggering many other ailments. We’re here to sort this all out, in a way that suits you.

* Fiona also undertakes talks and guest blogs to support your group on a variety of topics.

A few things we’re great at

Everyone is different and each of us experience our issues in our own way.  We explore exactly “how” you have your concern and with this understanding, we go on to unravel and clear the path for a brighter way forward.  It’s actually a surprisingly comfortable experience, once you’ve made that decision.

Phobias and Fears

What’s the difference?  Well keeping it simple.  A fear is rational.  You can recall why you have the fear.  The phobia, sometimes you have no idea other than it feels a part of your make up.  We get you in control and distance so you can live free again.


pre Divorce / Separation

Let’s get you sorting out the important things before you start cranking up the costs with the lawyers. It’s not just about saving money though, it’s about saving the kidd, the good times befor the communication is too painful, angry or dead.

Stress and Anxiety

We know that on every level anxiety and stress has little benefit to our everyday life.  But we’ve evolved faster than this coping mechinism has adapted to our every day life.  No tigers on the corner here .. but it can feel like it.  And that’s the killer – the feeling – not the poor tiger!



When an issue is addressed early on in life, you know the child really has been given an opportunity to be set on a healthier path.  For this reason working with Children has a very specific and specialised and if appropriate, lighthearted application.


There’s Always Questions

And so there should be.  The change you’re about to make is about you.  You’ve spent many years, becoming you -consequently the prospect of change, it needs consideration.  You don’t want to wake up in the morning, look in the mirror and go ‘who’s that’ … or do you!    Eitehr way, ask away.  If you don’t find your answers please feel free to contact.

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